ROEF Art Residency (RARe)

From 2021 – to 2025, Cecile will develop various art and culture projects on rooftops throughout Amsterdam. Starting with ROEF Art Residency (RARe) in Amsterdam Zuidoost, these projects will aim to connect municipal districts and local stakeholders to the broader cultural sector. The first edition is titled 'Dis/Connect' and will start in June 2022.

RARe aims to create sustainable connections between local organisations and the local cultural sector, and residents of Amsterdam Zuidoost. With these connections, RARe investigates the possibilities and limits of emotional ownership in a district developing at lightning speed.

ROEF shows Amsterdammers how roofs can make an important contribution to a healthy, sustainable, inclusive, cultural and future-proof city. Since 2016, Roef has been organising annual events that celebrate the potential of the rooftop landscape. In addition to this, Roef has voiced the ambition to make concrete and permanent contributions to Amsterdam’s rooftops’ cultural use and greening.

Similar to the goal of democratising the rooftop landscape, RARe is an attempt to democratise the future face of the Bijlmer by giving ownership to residents and making art and culture accessible to a broad audience. In addition, RARe is developing new living spaces, an educational platform, an international residency program and cultural neighbourhood events on public and private roofs in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

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Joley Groeizaam – Wonam, Zadehoff
Wes Mapes – Gemeente Amsterdam 
Shaneegua Flechsig & Chimira Obiefule – Rochdale, Gemeente Amsterdam
Jamahl Richters – CBRE, Ymere, Gemeente Amsterdam
Marcel van den Berg – Our Domain, HoBu




Stichting Stadvinderij (ROEF)
Amsterdam Municipality



RARe 2022 was made possible through the generous support of: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Gemeente Amsterdam, Grond en Ontwikkeling




Curatorial Team

Tracian Meikle
Claudio Ritfeld
Shammah Brempong


Project Team

Cecile Wentges General project manager and advisor
Remco Moon Marcar General project manager and production
Alexander van der Meer General project manager and communication
Sjoerd Jurkovich Funds
Harold Schouten production manager
Vinger, Eva Braaksma Graphic design



2021–present, Zuidoost, Amsterdam, NL